I'm a girl, & yes, i like to hang out with guys

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warning! my blog may cause joy♡

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how many followers do you have to have until people start leaving nice things in your tag

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I use sarcasm because flat out telling you you’re a fucking moron is considered inappropriate and is frowned upon. And I was raised better than that.

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one time i was at dr. seuss land at universal studios in orlando and i saw the grinch so i went up to him and i said “i’m glad you stole christmas because i’m jewish” and the dude in the costume got down on one knee and proposed to me

I honestly didn’t expect a story about me being proposed to by the grinch to get 3,000 notes but alright I’ll take it

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"And if you are awake at 4AM, you are either in love or lonely, and I don’t know which one is worse."

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"god i hate this show" i whisper as i click play on the next episode at 3am on a school night while my homework is abandoned on the floor along with my dreams and ambitions

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